SAGANA Coconut Spread: Like Butter but Better!

SAGANA Coconut Spread presents an easy choice for those looking for a healthy alternative to butter. This plant-based spread is made from 81% pure, non-hydrogenated coconut oil, 15% water, and 1.5% salt, with the consistency and flavor of table butter. A suitable alternative for vegans, gourmands, flexitarians, and the lactose-intolerant, it has all the goodness of butter despite being completely dairy-free: it is tasty, creamy, and has a great authentic taste and natural butter flavour.

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This Singer-Songwriter is helping Frontliners through Music & Merch!

What was supposed to be a planned launch last March, took a turn to an online-release-for-a-cause. Rising singer-songwriter Denice Lao, was one of the artists who had major plans for 2020. From shooting a music video, to partnering with eco-sustainable clothing brand Re Clothing for a shirt collection, Denice was all set to go. That is, before the COVID-19 pandemic that has struck the world like a storm.

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3 Things We Can Learn from Denice Lao’s Music

Photos by Dichali Dela Cerna

Today’s local music scene is teeming with budding artists and the newest one we’ve discovered is Denice Lao, a singer-songwriter. She just released her first single ‘Just Got Home’ and held her official music launch at Jess & Pat’s last October 9.

Amidst the very personal introductions to the songs and the long list of music Denice played are some realizations we can take note of.

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