4 key things to know if you are a puppy parent

Time flies when there’s a puppy in your home. But just like human babies, they also have a lot of learning to do especially in their early months—and this also goes for every pet owner. With this in mind, Royal Canin recently kicked off Start of Life, a Facebook webinar series about different stages and milestones of your furry companions. The first leg of the series, Royal Beginnings: Kickstart your Puppy’s Best Life, was specifically for puppy owners.

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SAGANA Coconut Spread: Like Butter but Better!

SAGANA Coconut Spread presents an easy choice for those looking for a healthy alternative to butter. This plant-based spread is made from 81% pure, non-hydrogenated coconut oil, 15% water, and 1.5% salt, with the consistency and flavor of table butter. A suitable alternative for vegans, gourmands, flexitarians, and the lactose-intolerant, it has all the goodness of butter despite being completely dairy-free: it is tasty, creamy, and has a great authentic taste and natural butter flavour.

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