4 key things to know if you are a puppy parent

Time flies when there’s a puppy in your home. But just like human babies, they also have a lot of learning to do especially in their early months—and this also goes for every pet owner. With this in mind, Royal Canin recently kicked off Start of Life, a Facebook webinar series about different stages and milestones of your furry companions. The first leg of the series, Royal Beginnings: Kickstart your Puppy’s Best Life, was specifically for puppy owners.

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How to Practice Intentional Gift Giving as told by Istorya Creations

Most people use gifts as a way to show their love throughout the year – may it be for sweet nothings, birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. And the beauty of Intentional Gift Giving is that it makes you reflect and reconnect to what’s at the heart of gift-giving: generosity, thoughtfulness, and love. Gifts are meant to be a purposeful gesture of love, after all. So here are a few tips on how you can practice it:
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