Save a Frontliner and a Patient with UA&P ASCEND’s “2 Life”

For the past month, our country has been continuously fighting for COVID19 and people continue to do the best they can to help and give back to people who go out of the comforts of their home for us. Even though there are alot fundraising projects that aim to help our frontliners and other communities, these are still not enough to supply the continuously depleting needs that our country requires. Because of this, University of Asia and the Pacific’s Filipino-Chinese organization ASCEND has decided to start a fundraiser to be an avenue for those who want to help our frontliners, but don’t know how to.

The fundraiser is called “2 Life” because ASCEND believes that a set of medical supplies can already help save two people at a time–the frontliner and the patient. 2 Life aims to raise funds in order to provide medical supplies such as PPEs, face masks, alcohol, and other essential needs to different hospitals. The first goal is to reach one hundred thousand pesos (Php 100,000.00) for Philippine Children’s Medical Center. Once the first goal comes to success, the organization still plans to help and provide other hospitals that need assistance.

The organization believes that any amount can already make a huge difference to help save our frontliners and our country from this pandemic.

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ASCEND is the Filipino-Chinese organization of University of Asia and the Pacific that aims to foster multi-cultural understanding and relationship bonding between Tsinoys and Filipinos.

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