Here’s Everything You Need to Know About This New Food Park in QC!

THE KITCHEN IS OPEN! – Have you heard? The Kitchen is Open! There’s a new food and lifestyle park goes a step above the rest with a different kind of food park experience in the heart of QUEZON CITY!

At Open Kitchen, each food stall boasts of, well, just that- an open, unobstructed kitchen that is visible to all the park’s guests.

Build up a roaring appetite while watching chefs whip up your meal, live and in the flesh! See chefs all around, working their magic in their natural habitats, handmaking each meal with love.

Located at 34-36 P. Tuazon street in the heart of residential Quezon City, Open Kitchen is a family-owned, family-friendly dining experience you’ve got to check out for yourself. Visit the tropical-themed (read: palm trees!!!) abode and feel right at home with the park’s clean and spacious interiors and artsy, IG-worthy muralled walls. Parking is never an issue too- the park is equipped with 100 parking slots, for your convenience.

The choices abound as Open Kitchen is home to over 35 food stalls– cleverly housed in repurposed containers- each offering a unique food concept sure to tantalize your discerning tastebuds. Open Kitchen operates daily from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Are you ready? Here’s the foodie rundown:

Lollipuffs (SS1)
Kids and adults alike are sure to have an awesome time at Lollipuffs, where customers can see how their cotton candy is made, and even get to spin it themselves! Lollipuffs also serves their cotton candy in various shapes- it’s not just yummy, it’s pretty, too!

Taste N See (SS2)
A staple at your local gourmet fairs, Taste N See has made its name by offering new takes on your favorite Philippine dessert and snack items. From crispy toasted pastillas to chicharon, it’s like trying your favorite local snacks and sweets for the first time again!

Chef Neal’s Kitchenette (SS3)
A taste of Singapore in the middle of the metro, Hainanese chichen, laksa, and nasi lemak are the specialties. Why book a flight when you can come by Chef Neal’s?

Flow (SS4)
A different way of making ice cream, Flow Ice Cream is a hand-crafted rolled ice cream concept. Inspired by a street food ice cream concept from Thailand, Flow’s rolled ice cream is homemade and made fresh every week using ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Hooked Steakhouse (F1)
Hooked Steakhouse offers juicy, tender cuts of steak for you to choose from. Hooked makes the steaks with the best ingredients they can find, and every meal is customized with quality cuts combined with a side dish- all sizzled to perfection.

75 Lilac Café + Kitchen (F2)
75 Lilac was borne out of a mother’s simple passion project. Drawing inspiration from vintage elements, the café features a unique take on home-cooked comfort food, which features a balance of flavors and textures influenced by different cultures.

Haku (F3)
Haku prides itself in serving fun Japanese food. All its dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and are treated with the utmost attention to detail, all while remaining fun and approachable!

Kebab King (F4)
The döner kebab, a specialty of the Turkish cuisine, is the main offering of Kebab King. Owned by Mehmet Serce, a Turkish native, Kebab King brings Open Kitchen an authentic Turkish experience with their cuisine.

Archipelago (F5)
You’ll always feel at home wherever you are with Archipelago’s Filipino favorites such as crispy pata, kare-kare and sisig… just like how mama used to make them.

The Meat Pub (F6)
The Meat Pub is the first-ever charcoal grill stall to hit a food park! Diners will have a hands-on experience in grilling their own meat and vegetables using a Shichirin – a lightweight, compact, and easy to move cooking stove fueled by charcoal. Aside from this unique way of cooking, The Meat Pub boasts of a special sauce and Japanese condiments to complement its high-quality, fresh meat.

Timplador (F7)
Everyone knows that the best lechon is from Cebu- good thing you no longer have to fly there to have a taste of Cebu’s best! Timplador’s unique recipe has a savory and salty mix that will make you take one bite after the other after the other…

Hot Bites (F8)
Hot Bites is a quick-service restaurant that focuses on bite-sized food items. It aims to serve a variety of delicious food, which can be cooked upon order, but at the same time be served with minimal waiting time. The menu currently revolves around the resto’s signature chicken bites, which come in several different flavors.

Momo Dumpling Bar (F9)
Established as a modern and hip Chinese diner by brother-sister foodies, Momo Dumpling Bar offers a new take on your classic old-style dumplings. From the fiery peppercorns of China and aromatic curry of Thailand; to the fresh lemongrass of Indonesia and smoky bonito from Japan, the diner uses familiar ingredients and prepares them in unexpected ways that are sure to tantalize your palate.

Bibingka Stop (F10)
Bibingka Stopoffers a huge selection when it comes to bibingka- salted egg, kesong puti (or even a combination of the two), and quezo de bola are all available. Made fresh daily, this bibingka is so light yet so satisfying; you’ll surely be craving for it all year round, not just during the holidays. Bibingka Stop also serves a variety of suman and other favorite native desserts like biko, puto & kutsinta, and tablea.

Manang Joy’s (F11 )
Already famous for its incredible empanadas, Manang Joy’s Ilocos Emapanda expands its offerings to include different and uniquely flavored empanadas you’ll surely love. Apart from their specialty empanadas, Manang Joy will also be bringing local Ilokano favorites such as bagnet, dinakdakan, sinanglao, pigar- pigar, and egado to Open Kitchen.

Ispabok (F12)
Ispabok is a combination of spaghetti and palabok, a local delicacy that traces its roots to Orani, Bataan. Spaghetti noodles are flavored with a secret recipe palabok sauce, and topped with chicharon and delectable native puto. The result is a truly authentic regional Filipino dish, one that finds itself delighting hordes of curious eaters and hungry families.

Memong’s Deli (F13)
Memong’s Deli offers delicious Filipino silog meals and promises homemade goodness away from home.

Sunny Day (F14a)
Sunny Day brightens your dining experience with a variety of savory, sweet, and salty combinations of its famous crepes, pancakes, and waffles. Classic flavors and more are available to satiate any sweet tooth.

Ms. Moo (F14b)
Ms. Moo Milkshakes mixes all your favorites into one yummy blend of goodness your tummy will thank you for, featuring s’mores, Oreos, peanut butter, and so much more!

Crazy Nerds (F15)
Crazy Nerds Kitchen offers authentic Taiwanese fare, of which the pork chop rice is their best seller. Having worked and lived in Taiwan, their chef is proud to bring some of the country’s favorite regional chicken & pork rice dishes as well as noodles to Open Kitchen.

Ima (F16)
Ima mixes the old with the new as it serves modern Filipino-inspired sub sandwiches. Experience the familiar taste of different Filipino viands in every bite of their 6-inch subs.

Pie R2 (F17)
Pie R2 offers pizzas and pastas with the perfect combination of top quality ingredients balanced with an exciting mix of spices, all created under the watchful eyes of their chefs.

Charlie’s Point (F18)
At Charlie’s Point, they serve pork the right way! They also offer the tastiest country style fried chicken in town. It’s food made with love, passion, and time.

Burgers On Deck (F19)
The team behind Burgers on Deck sailed around the world to bring you the best flavors of burgers, served with fresh homemade brioche buns, and pure beef patties.

Brewster Coffee (F20)
Brewster Coffee delivers the best coffee experience you deserve. Come and enjoy their great coffee selections that only Brewster Coffee can provide.

Carnivore Cookery (F21)
Carnivore Cookery sets itself apart through its use of a 12-hour slow smoking process, which renders its specialty of American barbecue (both beef brisket and pork belly) to be extraordinarily juicy and tender. The smokehouse also sells smoked ribs and chicken lollipops with various sides such as mashed potato, stuffed fried chili, fried mac and cheese, blooming onion, coleslaw, and more.

Dip N Dough (F22)
Specializing in dough-based dessert items ranging from mini/twisted doughnuts to churros, to dough cones, Dip N Dough prides itself on the variety of their dessert items and options. You can even add your own personal touch to your dough-based dessert with their wide selection of toppings!

Juice Joint (BAR1)
At the Juice Joint, they offer a variety of cold beverages that you can pair with your meal. From refreshing juices and slushes, all the way to indulgent milk teas, they have a beverage for your every craving.

Inhibitions (BAR2)
Specializing in cocktails mixed from high-end imported liquor, Inhibitions recreates that ecstatic sensation of pleasure and satisfaction in all its liquid offerings.

Roast (F23)
Enjoy a wide variety of sausages and tapas with some good wine at Roast. Offering gourmet sausages off all kinds, Spanish chorizos and ham, and Polish kielbasa, among others, you’ll surely be stuffed to the brim with all the delicious and distinctive flavors.

K-Pops (F24)
Annyeong! If you’re feeling the K-Fever too, then you’d absolutely love the delicious authentic Korean street food from K-Pops!

Crazie Ice (F25)
Crazie Ice serves Ice Desserts derived from the famous Korean Bingsu. Top your dessert up with different kinds of fruits, ice cream, sweets and cream, or indulge in one of their delicious snow cones.

Seafood Squad (F26)
Seafood Squad serves authentic Seafood dishes with a twist. They have a variety of sauces that perfectly compliment the freshness of the Seafood they serve. Their seafood boodle has crab, shrimp, and mussels and is blanched in a cilantro based seafood stock and sautéed in sauces, and can be combined with their 3 kinds of rice.

Senyor Roti (F27)
Established in 2017, Senyor Roti was developed by the founders of GASTROACE, Inc. to showcase the fusion of Mexican and Malaysian Spices tailor-made towards Filipino taste buds. These spices are enveloped in a Roti Canai to provide a flakey crust- hence, the Roti Roll Ups.

Biggy’s (F28)
Biggy’s is a quick service food joint that serves grilled pork barbeque and other grilled Filipino favorites such as liempo, isaw, and bulaklak, doused and basted to perfection with their signature sauces. Biggy’s aims to offer a unique experience of Filipino street food and reintroduce it to the foodies of this generation. From combo meals, to barbeques by the bucket, there is something for everyone at Biggy’s.

Frying Kick (F29)
Everybody’s favorite fried delicacies all come together in Frying Kick. From french fries, to fried chicken, to mozzarella sticks, this is the place to go for your fried food desires. It’s sure to kick your frying craving away!

Manila Ale House (F30)
Refreshment has never been so fast and easy thanks to Ale House’s selection of local beers, sodas, and water.

Cartel’s (F31)
Cartel’s Cali-Mex cuisine is a fusion of American and Mexican cuisine. The difference between Cali-Mex versus the more popular Tex-Mex, is that the former tends to be a little healthier, with an emphasis on avocados and vegetables. Cartel’s owners lived in Los Angeles for 13 years and have recently moved back to the Philippines to share this acquired Cali-Mex taste to Manila.

Mandi’s Kanto Ribs (F32 )
Mandi’s Kanto Ribs serve drool-worthy, fall-of-the-bones baby back ribs with their very own special barbecue sauce. With the word “kanto” in their name, the resto’s goal is to be able to serve their food in every “kanto” to everyone.

Taka Ramen (F33/34)
Other ramen houses specialize in only 1 or 2 soup broths. Taka Ramen offers you all 4 of the major bases: Shio, Miso, Tonkotsu, and Shoyu. They also offer a selection of Japanese snacks like Takoyaki and Gyoza that are made fresh daily- never frozen.
Another unique offering is the hard-to-find Hiyashi Goma or cold ramen, a creamy ramen topped with goma-based (sesame) sauce. Don’t forget to try the Tantanmen Ramen which was made just for their launch at Open Kitchen Food Park!

Mr. Raclette (F35)
Mr. Raclette brings the traditional Swiss experience to Open Kitchen with a platter of marble potatoes, salami, and baguette, garnished with arugula and cornichons topped with gooey, melted cheese straight from the wheel.

So give your foodie friends a heads up and see you there!

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