Catanduanes Itinerary

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DAY 1 Carorian Adventure  Activities and Notes
6:30 Arrival from Manila to Virac
7:00 Check in at Catanduanes Midtown Inn
7:30 Breakfast at Midtown
8:30 Carorian Island Adventure 4 island stops
9:00 Patag Island Carorian
10:30 Poseidon’s Rock and Lagoon Carorian
12:00 Packed Lunch
2:00 Japanese Kaidan Carorian
4:00 Sea Side Waterfalls Carorian
7:30 Dinner at Sandy’s Blossoms Restaurant Virac Town Proper

DAY 2 Whole day Catanduanes Tour
5:00 Pick up by Katandungan Travel and Tours
6:30 Binurong Point Trek for 25-30min
7:15 around the place 830
9:00 Descend Binurong Point
10:00 Balacay Point
10:30 Puraran beach Surf Spot
12:00 Lunch
2:00 Doppler Radar Bato church
2:30 Bato Church Oldest Church in Catanduanes
3:00 Maribina Falls With cottages for rent for picnics
4:30 Virac View Deck Short hike
6:00 Back to Midtown Inn
7:30 Dinner at Smokey’s Gril Virac Town Proper

DAY 3 Batag Beach Day
7:00 Breakfast at Midtown Midtown
8:00 Batag Beach by Midtown Inn Exclusive resort at Batag
Free time Swimming
7:30 Dinner at Sea Breeze Restaurant Virac Town Proper

5:00 Breakfast at Catanduanes Midtown Inn
5:30 Checkout
6:00 Airport drop off



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