5 Perfect Places for Solo Travelers This 2019

 Cover photo by: Jayson T. Jacinto @bartjayson | Words by: Kyla Paler

As the new year rolls in, so does a fresh start—a chance for us all to chase after goals we weren’t able to achieve last year and create new memories worth remembering. This year, may we all be brave enough to finally do the things we’ve always wanted to do – including traveling solo to somewhere you’ve never been!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Discover Guam

Take 4 hours from Manila and get ready to say Håfa Adai! Are you ready to tick Guam off of your bucket list? This paradise is much closer to the Philippines than you think. Read on to find out more about the island known for star-sand beaches, tax-free shopping, skydiving, land and water adventures, BBQ parties and so much more!

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Money Saving Travelling Tips! Plus a Secret App That Gives You Cashback With Every Booking and Purchase Made Online!

Traveling gets us all super excited, but sometimes along with that excitement is the overwhelming thought of planning it all out, getting the most out of the trip AND saving money. We’ve been at that route, and we still are, but here are some things that we’ve learned along the way to minimize cost and maximize experience.

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