Samgyupsal 101: How to Maximize Your KBBQ Experience

“Samgyupsalamat sa Diyos talaga!”

…is a phrase coined by one of my friends a year ago when we first tried the sought-after Korean barbecue restaurant, Samgyupsalamat.

Contrary to the snaking lines outside, eating Korean barbecue is not linear—it can be complex and to the uninitiated, even overwhelming, but once you’ve got your meat and grill down pat, it’s an enjoyable dining experience worthy of another (and another) visit. Below, we’ve listed some of the tips and tricks on how to maximize your KBBQ experience.

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Say ‘Annyeong’ to Bonchon Philippines’ Newest Korean BBQ Bibimbowl

Over the past years, Korean Barbecue, or more commonly referred to as KBBQ, has become ubiquitous all over the metro and beyond. The popular char-grilled meat dish is the stuff of night cravings and friendly gatherings because of the many things to love about it. And riding along that K-wave train is hit Korean joint Bonchon Philippines, who takes the notorious KBBQ and spices it up with their own twist. Say hello to the latest addition to their menu, the Korean BBQ Bibimbowl.

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