10 Spots and Activities to Keep You Busy at Guimaras

What comes to mind when one mentions the words ‘island paradise’? White sand beaches? Shorelines teeming with wildlife? A breathtaking view of an endless cerulean horizon? Idyllic landscapes largely untouched by the modern world? Well, at Guimaras, you get all of these and a lot more. A lot more. This magical island a short roro ride away from Iloilo greeted us with a ton of pleasant surprises.

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Words By: Roxi Lim | Photos By: Taryn Navarro & Lucky Alabado

MASBATE is never really on anyone’s top list of places to visit in the Philippines, but everything about it leaves you in awe.

The province has all you’d want from any island in the Philippines – clear turquoise water, thriving underwater wildlife, stunning views and powdery white sand. Best part is, you can enjoy all of this as if you had your own beautiful corner of the world.

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