10 Reasons to Choose Davao as your Next Getaway

While not always the “best” choice for beaches when traveling, Davao holds a certain charm to it which draws people in to experience its vibrant culture. You’ve probably heard all about Eden Nature Park or Samal Island, but this region proves to be more than what meets the social media eye. And because we’ve made it our mission to show you all the hidden gems this majestic country has to offer, allow us to take you through this provincial paradise the way you’ve never seen it before.

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There’s more to Albay than Sili Ice Cream, Sili Fruit Shakes, Bicol Express, Pinangat and the famous Mayon Volcano. Exploring towns such as Legazpi, Camalig, Daraga and Bacacay can bring an entirely different, extensive, historical and memorable Albay experience.

Here are 10 sites you probably haven’t been to (nor heard of), but definitely have to see and experience when you’re in the Bicol Region.

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8 Reasons Why South Cebu Should Be Your Next Out-of-town Trip

Apart from the lechon and the historical cross, Cebu is a destination that tailors to any kind of traveller—may you be a chill beach bummer, a party hoot, or an adrenaline junkie—this often overlooked but auspicious island promises a lifetime worth of unforgettable memories. On your next trip to this province, skip the traffic, make your way down south, and step into an entirely new side of Cebu you’ve never seen before.

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