New Fresh Taro Series from Yi Fang

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea Philippines introduces  The Fresh Taro Seriesthe latest Taiwanese milk tea craze!

The new line features three new drinks – the Fresh Taro Green Tea Latte, Fresh Taro Milk, and Fresh Taro Milk with White Pearl.The new beverages will feature Yi Fang’s freshly mashed sweetened taro. Taro, locally known as gabi, is different from the purple Filipino ube.

Taro has a light lavender color and when mashed, has a thick consistency. As with all Yi Fang beverages, no powders or artificial syrups are added to the drinks.

The Fresh Taro Green Tea Latte contains a generous portion of fresh mashed taro, cream, and milk, and is also topped with freshly brewed green tea. The tea gives it a nuttier and earthier taste.

The Fresh Taro Milk contains the same fresh mashed taro, paired with milk and cream. This is a non-caffeinated beverage option which makes it a great choice for kids.

For an additional upgrade, the Fresh Taro Milk with White Pearl adds some chewiness to the beverage. Contains freshly mashed sweetened taro paired with milk and cream and white pearls.

Fresh Taro Milk with White Pearl , Fresh Taro Green Tea Latte, Fresh Taro Milk

All three drinks come in cold and hot versions, with add-on sinkers such as regular pearls or aiyu jelly available as customizations. Additionally, Yi Fang now offers soy milk as a dairy alternative for all milk-based beverages.

The new Fresh Taro Series will be available at all Yi Fang branches. Visit their website at for a complete list of branch details. 

Expect more new stores to open this 2020 | #YiFangTeaPH

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