Have a #DeliciouslyMessy good time with Bag O Shrimps at home!

Bag O’ Shrimps anchored itself in Manila in 2014 only with the passionate captaining of couple-owners, Jandrew & Princess Pastoril, who after spending time in Los Angeles, strongly felt that they could not pass the chance to bring a taste of the West back to their Philippine home, an archipelago bursting with seafood potential. After a ton of tedious research, endless taste-testing – and a couple pounds after, Princess was able to perfect the recipe of her sauce (which is now known as Bag O Momma flavor) and the led to the opening of their “Wharf-in-the-City” seafood-shack to the local community.

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Snacking with a Cause: First Locally Made Seaweed Chips from Mangan by Iman

When we hear the word ​Mangan, ​I think we all have our guesses what it actually means. You probably guessed right, but Mangan by Iman is not just about eating. It’s about conscious and ethical consumption. Since 2016, the team of Mangan by Iman has been perfecting Tawi-Tawi’s locally made Seaweed Chips. The brand is confident to note that this is the first ever seaweed chips made in the Philippines – containing fresh edible seaweeds– unlike the processed nori sheets we commonly see in stores.

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Eats All Good PH: Ready-To-Heat Ribs, Gyoza, Sisig, Yakitori & More!

Eats All Good Philippines started with family members wanting to support their sister’s restaurant business which is affected by the covid pandemic. Following the limited movements the past months and rise in online food orders and home deliveries, we now focus on bringing together trusted networks and family/friends who are homemakers on their own, with products we’ve tried and tested. With this, we are able to offer frozen, ready-to-heat goods anyone can store, easily cook, serve and enjoy with the family at home, baked goods, grilled goods, sauces, dips, and other food offerings you can enjoy from the comforts of your home. A variety of cuisine is offered for your cravings!
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