SAGANA Coconut Spread: Like Butter but Better!

SAGANA Coconut Spread presents an easy choice for those looking for a healthy alternative to butter. This plant-based spread is made from 81% pure, non-hydrogenated coconut oil, 15% water, and 1.5% salt, with the consistency and flavor of table butter. A suitable alternative for vegans, gourmands, flexitarians, and the lactose-intolerant, it has all the goodness of butter despite being completely dairy-free: it is tasty, creamy, and has a great authentic taste and natural butter flavour.

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Celebrate all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day with Bizu Patisserie!

This Valentine’s Day, treat your friends and loved ones with decadent delights from Bizu Patisserie – your reliable purveyor of sweet French confections and dreamy desserts. Staying true to its name (Bizu is coined from bisou, the French word for “kiss”), Bizu showcases your love and affection with delicious and beautifully packaged Valentine-themed treats for this special occasion.

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