Date Ideas for the Adventurous Couples

Unsure of where to take your special someone this Valentine’s?  Make your heart’s day count by bringing them somewhere unique and special whether you prefer city streets or mountain trails. We’ve also added matching gear for you and your partner to make the day more memorable.

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Filipino Millennials: Why Millennials are into Freelancing/Entrepreneurship?

It’s 2018, and most millennials are now graduating from college and about to venture into the real world. This means more responsibility and more adulting. There is no doubt that most millennials, who opt out of the corporate world, realize that they would rather choose a freelance path or “be their own boss” by starting their own business than be stuck in a small box inside their office. Who wants to drown into the habit of doing routine work 8 hours a day, right?

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What Is This Busking We’ve Been Hearing About?

The Philippines is brimming with so much artistic talent and it’s not difficult to see or in this case, to hear. Sometimes it just takes a stroll around the city to experience some of our local artists’ works.

Busking are street performances done in public places for gratuities. A main street may be closed down, becoming a pedestrian only thoroughfare. Street musicians also find train stations to be an ideal busking spot. Commuters can enjoy a tune or two while they wait for their train, creating a more pleasant public transport experience while offering an opportunity for budding musicians a stage.

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